The Reals


The Reals is a hothouse of delicate melody and brilliant compositions. Complete with a package of careful arrangements and vibrant textures, The Reals pulls from nearly every style of music, from R&B to Americana to roots to just plain ol Rock n Roll and some gospel. They are now promoting their latest album, Majestic: In everything that The Reals seem to do, it's about the space between. Me and we. Loud and soft. The band and the audience. Fast and slow. Universal and personal. And the mingling of these forces is what makes The Reals work. Their live show is not to be missed."

My shows with this group:

Date Venue #
02/25/2005 Mountain Lodge Big Sky, MT 1
02/26/2005 Mountain Lodge Big Sky, MT 2
09/25/2005 Bluebird Theater Denver, CO 3
12/17/2005 Private Engagement Denver, CO 4
12/23/2005 Bluebird Theater Denver, CO 5
05/20/2006 Swing Station Laporte, CO 6
10/06/2006 The D-Note Arvada, CO 7
02/10/2007 (All day) Ogden Theater Denver, CO 8
04/27/2007 Second Annual LoDo Earth Action Fest Denver, CO 9
06/16/2007 Highlands Street Fair Denver, CO 10
02/16/2008 The D-Note Arvada, CO 11
04/18/2008 The D-Note Arvada, CO 12
04/25/2008 Second Annual LoDo Earth Action Fest Denver, CO 13
05/31/2008 Private Engagement Denver, CO 14
08/26/2008 City Park 15
11/01/2008 (All day) The D-Note Arvada, CO 16
11/21/2008 Oriental Theater Denver, CO 17
12/06/2008 Oriental Theater Denver, CO 18
02/14/2009 The D-Note Arvada, CO 19