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Achille Lauro - Indiscretions

"...immaculately produced." ~Kiernan Maletsky, Westword

"This is the only time I’ve ever had anything turn out exactly as I’d imagined it." ~Matt Close, Achille Lauro

"What really causes Indiscretions to stand out from their previous material is the fact that everything just sounds better." ** ~Something Like Sound

** Flattery will get you everywhere, but I should mention that I disagree with this statement quite a bit. Those first couple Lauro records sound ridiculously awesome.

I've been recording sounds and music since I was a young'un. I remember the first time I unhooked the erase head on my little hand-held G.E. tape recorder and was able to overdub. I think I was about eight, and that was pure magic. That was a long time ago, and I still get that feeling when I'm recording.  I also still like to take stuff apart, and my mom will be pleased to know that I've gotten a whole lot better at putting stuff back together again.

I record in a private studio in Denver's RiNo district that I share with a couple other producers, have access to a couple world-class facilities, I also freelance here & there now & then, and I like do a bit of live work. Just a bit. Keeps me sharp. I have a cozy little studio at home where I do most of my work, and there are also a couple pretty great sounding rooms there for overdubs.

I do love to make records. If I get a chance to help you with yours, I'd consider it a privilege.

Below is a list of recent & selected releases:

Artist Title Role Release Date
Saturn Cowboys The Time. The Sound. The Way. Lap Steel Guitar, Mix Engineer, Producer August, 2015
Rossonian Late Kids EP Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer July, 2015 check it!
Neil Bridge 7+ with Karen Lee This is Who We Are! Recording Engineer June, 2015 check it!
Raven Jane Queen City Magnetic Mix Engineer April, 2014 check it!
Aakash Mittal Quartet & Ron Miles Ocean Recording Engineer March, 2013 check it!
The Jim Jims Mainstream Mastering Engineer July, 2012
Cedar Avenue Blues Band Cedar Avenue Blues Band Recording, Mix, and Mastering Engineer June, 2012 check it!
Achille Lauro Flight or Flight Producer, Recording, Mix and Mastering Engineer February, 2012 check it!
Charlotte Sass Lighter Things Producer, Mix engineer, Bassist, Guitarist, Percussionist, Electronics December, 2011 check it!
Two Tone Wolf Pack FOR YOUR HELLTH Mastering Engineer December, 2011 check it!
Kemale Tuned In Producer, Recording, Mix and Mastering Engineer July, 2011
Achille Lauro Low Cha Cha (single) Producer, Recording & Mix Engineer June, 2011 check it!
Achille Lauro Hand of Sand (single) Producer, Recording & Mix Engineer June, 2011 check it!
Weather Maps Places Recording Engineer, Bassist August, 2010 check it!
Matt Bassano The City That You've Seen For Me Mastering Engineer August, 2010 check it!
Achille Lauro Indiscretions Producer, Recording & Mix Engineer April, 2010 check it!
Charlotte Sass Woman At the Well Producer, Recording, Mix & Mastering Engineer, Bassist, Guitarist March, 2010 check it!
The Film Dailies Alive In Denver (DVD) Recording, Mix & Mastering Engineer March, 2010 check it!
Science Partner Science Partner v.1.1 Mastering Engineer January, 2010
Jen Korte & the Loss Jen Korte & the Loss Producer, Recording & Mix Engineer, Bassist September, 2009 check it!
The Film Dailies Staring Up at Giants Again Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer May, 2009 check it!
Hashim Hakim (aka H2) I Believe Recording, Mix & Mastering Engineer February, 2009 check it!
Luke Mossman Solo EP Mastering Engineer December, 2008
Joe Fornothin Joe Fornothin Mastering Engineer October, 2007 check it!
Molly Cherington Our Minds Were Made Recording, Mix & Mastering Engineer September, 2007 check it!
Michael Lloyd Band Highwaters EP Producer, Mix Engineer, Bassist, Guitarist September, 2005 check it!
Element 37 Visibile Feelings EP Producer, Recording, Mix & Mastering Engineer, Bassist July, 2004
Chad Sophia Chad Sophia Producer, Recording & Mix Engineer, Bassist, Guitarist December, 1999